There is a playlist at the bottom of this site that will automatically kick in when you come here. Keep your speakers at a safe level. These are some of the greatest songs spun in the TKE House and at TKE events over the years. There is a contest with a chance to win $25 Walmart gift card and some various TKE items. Scroll to the bottom for more details...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Undergraduate Update and RCB


Sorry for waiting to update you until now. I thought I would wait to get through our initiation this weekend then I could give you the full update. Since the last update I had sent out we sent 6 members to our TKE Regional Leadership Conference. Everyone had a good time and walked away with a lot of gained knowledge. While we were there we scheduled a recruiting specialist to visit our chapter in the fall semester, but as a backup plan maybe the spring semester. Me and Tim Cotter also made a deal with international concerning our debt with them, that if we pay off the insurance debt, our risk management debt, and our annual membership fees, they will erase almost the rest of the entire debt which would equal to about 6,000 dollars giving our chapter a clean slate to start off the fall semester. Of course while paying that we will not be missing a payment to the Building Corp. This is a stretch for our chapter but we will make it work and are using the motto "Make it through May" to help boost our motivation. Like I said earlier in the email, we have initiated two more members, Eben Foster, and Michael Pierick. This brings our standing scroll number to 493. Also we have been planning a huge philanthropy event for St. Jude and we are calling it Jammin for Jude. What this is, is we will have 4 or 5 live bands playing and will be selling tickets, and having prize give-aways, and all proceeds will be going to St. Jude. We will have at least one known band playing with the help of Student Activities here on campus and everyone is very excited for this event. Next I just want to repeat myself with a reminder that RCB is in Omaha Ne, at the Carlisle Hotel on April 21st. This is the email address for any information on the hotel and address or phone number . We plan on having a keynote speaker, silent auction, of course meal plates, a cash bar, a slide show, award presentations, a DJ with music to dance and just a great time of bringing all Lambda Chi Chapter members together once again. If you have anymore questions just feel free to email and I can give you any needed details. Then for the alumni meeting with me that day, there is a room reserved at the hotel for us to meet so if you all want to come up with a time to meet with me that day that works to your convenience just contact me by email or phone, my phone number is 402-910-5277. Finally as a great end to this update, our chapter is currently leading our providence in philanthropy dollars and service hours, hoping to improve our chance as being a top TKE chapter.

Fraters, thank you for your time and commitments, and I look forward to seeing you all April 21st.

YITB Nathan "Rafter" Hughes #470

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Undergraduate Update

Thanks goes to Nathan Hughes for providing this update on the happenings in Wayne.  As I post this information I eagerly anticipate very soon some information on the TKE Alumni association Poker Tournament....  (more to come)

Alumni Association,

This is our new current list of our newly voted officers and their information as of 2012.

Prytanis-(me)- Nathan Hughes  402-910-5277 Junior
Epiprytanis- Tim Cotter  515-201-9844 Senior
Crysopholos- Matt Kinney  402-499-4617 Freshman
Histor- Tyler Johnson  402-380-8873 Freshman
Hypophetes- Broderick Wright  507-227-8264 Senior
Pylortes- Logan Richards  402-942-1554 Freshman
Hegemon- Michael Waak  402-276-3091 Senior
Grammateus- Aaron Scheffler        402-910-4040

We have big expectations this semester as a chapter. We are setting up a online banking system called GreekBill. It is a online banking system recommended and used by TKE International. By using this new system we will be able to reduce the mistake of using International due money for our local bills, and International will receive our dues immediately and will take away our mistakes to reduce our debt with International. This will also be a successful system by electronically receiving money from all active members. It will show how much the individual has paid, and keep track of an exact due date for rent, dues, etc. Also we will be able to install penalties for individuals that do not pay on time, and are not excused for not paying on time. This should be a very successful financial system, and let me know input if you have any on this.

We currently have 10 members living in the house, (all officers except one). The house is doing good with renovations as we have almost finished the kitchen with new cabinets, new floor, new stand up freezer and soon we will be getting a new stove. We sprayed insulation in one of the kitchen walls and sprayed the entire attic to help with the house temp, and soon we will be putting on a new metal cellar door. This has all been going well thanks to the volunteer work at the house from fellow fraters Ron Sibble and Dan Walentine, and the chapter has much appreciation for the renovation opportunity you have given us.

We are at a total of 17 active members right now after graduating Josh York (Chapter Advisor, not Campus Advisor). We have one guaranteed pledge for this semester and set a goal for 5 since the spring is rough for rush. Trust me though we will be rushing hard for the future of our great chapter.

And just a reminder to all we will be hold our Red Carnation Ball April 21st in Omaha, Ne at the Carlisle Hotel. This is the sight for other info you might need.

I am looking forward to a great spring and fall as the new chapter president only looking forward with the pedal down. After my first meeting as president Sunday I will be sending out another email listing goals from our actives and also my personal goals for the chapter as president for spring and fall. If you have any questions for me I encourage to ask for we only have answers as a chapter. Thank you for your time and effort and providing the Lambda Chi Chapter with a great alumni association.

YITB Prytanis Nathan "Rafter" Hughes 470

Friday, December 23, 2011

TKE December Update

On behalf of the TKE Alumni Officers and committee chairmen I would like to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year.

It's been pretty quiet in TKE land lately and it usually is this time of year, we look forward to seeing you all at one of our Alumni social events throughout 2012...

I hope to have an update from the undergraduates within the next few weeks, will share that when it comes.

A couple of items to consider as we move into the new year.

RCB will be April 21st 2012 at the carlisle in Omaha NE, please put this on your 2012 calendar.

We are in the planning stages of a TKE Alumni social Texas Hold'em tournament, look for those details soon

I love each and every member of this Fraternity...

Bradley "Yeldarb" Clements #239

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Updates Everywhere - Homecoming Activities - Send Off Party - Golf

As you are all well aware, Homecoming in Wayne is the weekend of October 7th.  The link below shows WSC's homecoming page, see that for official details.

Wayne State College Homecoming Page

In addition:
  • The undergraduate Greek system will have Greek Olympics in the Willow Bowl at 5pm Friday the 7th.  Feel free to meet at the TKE house before hand and follow the gang over.
  • Saturday the 8th - 11:30am - The Alumni Association will be sponsoring a bar-b-que at the TKE House, please come by, have some lunch and take a tour of the hallowed TKE House. Lunch is on the Alumni Association.
  • Saturday the 8th - 1pm - Some alumni will be playing golf at Wayne Country Club - Contact the golf course or jason kilker at to be included in the t-times - This is not a tournament just a round of golf with your brothers.
Also please dont forget the send off party for Dean Jacobs on Saturday the 15th in Fremont - More details can be found in an earlier post in this blog.

Last but not least, if you are not receiving email from the alumni association please send an email address to so you can be sure to be included in all things TKE...


YITB - Yeldarb

Biography - Dean "Deano" Jacobs - #209

Name: Dean Jacobs

Nickname: DeanO

Scroll Number: 209

Current Hometown: Fremont, NE

Where did you grow up? : Fremont, NE

What year range were you at WSC? : 1980-86

Wife, Girlfriend or Significant Other’s Name:

Years Married: once for 6 months, that was enough

Children: none that I know

Tell us about what you are currently doing (job, activities, and hobbies):

I have created my own niche with photography, writing, traveling and presentations.

What offices/chair’s did you hold for TKE? Pylorities ?

What is your greatest memory or proudest accomplishment (or both) during your TKE Life at WSC?

Some I can’t write.

CatMan, WSC student senate President, Homecoming King, the many friends I made while at college, actually graduating from college

What were your chapter’s greatest struggles during your TKE Life at WSC?

How to get more cute girls at the parties.

What is your proudest accomplishment or moment in life?

Exploration of 50 countries is filled with those moments and publication of two books

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you?

I don’t know how to swim.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank god I joined TKE while at WSC. It has provided an institutional memory for a cherished chapter of my journey.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frater Jacobs

Frater Dean Jacobs is heading out on another Wondrous Journey this time to the Amazon, SO in true TKE fashion we need to have a party...

• Dean Jacobs Send Off Party

• Saturday Oct 15th ( no Husker game, so you don't have to look).

• The gathering goes from 4-8 pm, a few words will be spoken at 6. The music will be good and this will be the last chance to get a autographed copy of my new animal book for that christmas list.

• It's going to be at the Blue Bottle, live music. 5th and Broad St in downtown Fremont, BYOB

• The party will be more then a send off, it will also be a book celebration, a celebration of the non profit approval and all the hard work that it took to get all those things accomplished.

• Mark it down on your calendar, of course an invitation is not an obligation.

Hope to see you there and please share with any other TKE's or OD's you may be in contact with...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Alumni Campout Upcoming...

The 1st Annual TKE Alumni Summer Campout is the weekend of August 12th through the 14th.  We have 3 campers sights set and ready to go, (77, 78 and 79) we are currently short of filling all three campers but hope to rectify that this week.

Cost is looking to be $20 for members of the Alumni Association and $30 for non member TKE's. Cost will include camping and food for the weekend. We will not be supplying alcohol for everyone, we just can't take on that liability. You are more than welcome to bring your own or go in with others as far as I am concerned. (No Kegs, pony kegs or party balls are allowed in Nebraska State Parks) If you are unable to spend the night please consider coming out for the day, meals will be around $5 a meal for anyone not paying for the weekend camping outing.

The one thing we do need from you is a head count. Right now we can sleep 14/16 comfortably in the three campers we have and really need to know who is planning on attending by the end of this week.  I've got a couple of guys who rented their own sites cause they wanted to bring kids or wife along, if we dont fill the TKE campers we can use those for everyone BUT i need to know now.  Cancelling sites in advance will save us money...
One other thing I wanted to mention: This goal here is NOT druken debauchery and partying till 3 in the morning puking everywhere, getting in trouble ETC... This is to be a relaxed weekend spent hanging out, telling stories, having a few drinks, eating some good food and bonding with your brothers... (Maybe I didn't need to say that but when you have Alumni who range from 20 to 70 you never know when you're going to have to crack with whip on those older out of control guys... :-) )

Okay a couple of other things... (repeat information)

1.Fishing - They have 20 lakes at Fremont and some good fishing. License and all that is on your own. BUT please have a license if you want to fish.

2.You'll need a Nebraska State Park Sticker - They can be bought at the gate and they have an annual option and a daily option.

3.Please observe all rules and regulations associated with Fremont Lakes.

4.Maybe you wont take part in this outing but maybe you will but please consider either taking part in this OR taking part in the TKE Memorial Golf Tournament - If you have to pick one or the other then pick the golf tournament, that is where we raise funds for scholarships and the Alumni Association and is the MOST important Alumni Association outing of the year... (pick both, it might be fun)

5.By all means if you prefer to set up your own camping for this weekend in some other area of the park please do so and come on by during the day.

Here is who I know is attending:

Brad Clements - (camper host)
Brian Patera - (camper host)
Pat Tuttle - (camper host)
Joe Shafer
Mark Shulte
Chris Geidner (own site with family)
Ken Johnson (own site)

Chime in if you plan on attending or coming out for the day - I really need to plan for food and sleeping arangements ETC...

Thanks Bc to RSVP...